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We are online legal organization major solely on connectivity, networking, consultation between lawyers and Clients. We offer a platform to realize your goals as a practicing Legal Practitioner and also as a Client, i.e. we are multi-dimensional legal service provider. We provide legal information and services to corporate/individual or other entities, through a well channeled network of Lawyers/Law Firms all across Nigeria, Africa and also the world.

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1.What is all about? is an online legal service provider. It is a platform for connectivity, legal consult, digital practices and real estate consultation. We deal with relationship between Lawyers and Users/Clients.

2. How can I lodge complaints?

For any issues relating to the use of, kindly forward your complaint to the official contact of the site, or call 2348039537269.

3. How can I get my online bookings?

From the profile of any lawyer clicked right from the listing, there is a column for contact, once a User fill in his or her message, you get an email notification or Users can contact a lawyer based on the information such Lawyer provide on his or her profile, such as office address, hotlines, website address and emails.

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We’re on a mission to builda better future where justice creates good jobs for everyone.

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