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We are online legal organization major solely on connectivity, networking, consultation between lawyers and Clients. We offer a platform to realize your goals as a practicing Legal Practitioner and also as a Client, i.e. we are multi-dimensional legal service provider. We provide legal information and services to corporate/individual or other entities, through a well channeled network of Lawyers/Law Firms all across Nigeria, Africa and also the world.

What We Do


This is our major goal as an Organization, to bring quality and affordable legal services to homes. We make it a thing of leisure for you to consult the best Lawyers in your Locality or City of Residence. Book and pay for a telephonic and video or e-conference consultation, discuss your issue, business or corporate brief over an email, a video chat session(which our developers are working on), schedule an office meeting, or consult with any of the listed Lawyers at your home / office( Our LAW DIRECTORY). We are ready to help you, to serve in the ways you want. 

We also offer FREE LEGAL ADVICE WHICH COMES UP OCCASIONALLY ON OUR FRONT PAGE. Pro Bono matters are being taken care of by our legal Practitioners. In this respite we are having encouraging successes both online and offline.


Nlegal.org has handpicked some of the best Legal Experts in your country of residence to help you get practical Legal Advice and help. We have some of the top experts across Civil Litigation, criminal Defence, Property dispute, matrimonial causes, corporate law (Merger and Acquisition) , Intellectual property issues, Maritime, Medical practice issues, Torts, and other areas of expertise. Our listed Lawyers have practice across over 200 cities and 500 courts across Nigeria and Africa, to help provide you the required advice & representation for your legal issues.


We know and believe with qualitative legal information all your problems would be over within a twinkle. At Nlegal.org we give you correct information on Lawyers with a care for non advertisement or solicitation for any lawyer whichever rank or status he or she may have attained, we provide you their areas of expertise, their experience, and Fee for common services so that you can make the choices that are right for you.


We manage properties, create platform for third party inclusion i.e. creation of platforms where Licensed Real Estate Agencies can offer what they have and also to connect with potential clients. Also we provide Legal forms prepared by our Lawyers base on your locality or the legal system of your country.


We at Nlegal.org, we are particular about your legal welfare, through the utmost desire to make the legal system a small global village we have mechanisms in place to give you connectivity with our lawyers. As a user, you have the chance to own an account on Nlegal.org, make great friends, as a client connect with the best lawyers in your country and beyond and also learn great things through online video conference, e-business on law and professional allied fields.

Also it is a platform for lawyers to build clientele, meet clients etc.

About Us

We’re on a mission to builda better future where justice creates good jobs for everyone.

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Plot 27/29 king George V Road Onikan, Lagos.



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