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Family Law & Family Lawyers

Family Law includes within its embodiment various religions practiced in Nigeria, and their respective laws and regulations, which deal with disputes by providing well thought off, quick and cost effective remedies to the aggrieved party/parties in resolving those disputes in a timely manner.  Family Courts have been set up to deal with these issues and provide legal solutions or remedies for the same. Likewise stringent cases that requires full use of the law are channelled to the High court of a state of domicile. Lawyers are equipped with great legal framework to bring an action for dissolution of Marriage under the Marriage Act. 

Family lawyers provide assistance under the following areas:

  1. Marriage related assistance i.e. solemnization  and registration
  2. Divorce
  3. Alimony/Maintenance
  4. Domestic violence, dowry
  5. Child custody
  6. Inheritance, wills and succession etc.

A Family Lawyer, having expertise in these areas outlined above plays a pivotal role in dealing with issues ranging from domestic violence to matrimonial disputes, child custody, paternity issues etc. Family Lawyers provide expert, time bound and effective assistance in various family disputes involving Non Resident Nigerians in matrimonial disputes, divorces, alimony, child custody battles, helping in resolving usurping of immovable property by  fake power of attorney and other documentation. The role of a family lawyer is to provide sound legal advice, assist in the preparation of the relevant documentation, helping with the mediation and litigations. 

Family Lawyer profiles at Nlegal undergo stringent scrutinization and selection procedure to make available the highly experienced, reliable and diligent Family Lawyers. Family Lawyers empanelled with Nlegal are endowed with strong court craft skills, legal acumen, and ability to understand and address problems and provide cost effective solutions for them in a timely manner. 

With our huge segment of articles and information under Family Law segment on Nlegal, we endeavour to keep our members/readers up-to-date with the latest information and key changes /amendments under the Marriage Act, and the procedure of the High Court which is Matrimonial Causes Law of each State. Our services cater to all aspects of law under Family Law segment and are available in all cities in Nigeria.

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