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Immigration Law & Immigration Lawyers.

Immigration Law in Nigeria provides legal assistance on various immigration and non immigration related issues such as work permits, tourist visa, medical visa, business visa etc for foreign nationals coming into Nigeria. Immigration Law is also related with the Nationality Law as far as foreign nationals are concerned as the issues of citizenship, residency permits etc are also dealt with. 

The services provided by Immigration Lawyers are:

  1. Assistance in the documentation process
  2. Assistance provided in the preparation and submission of the complete documents with the concerned authorities
  3. Assist in the application and filing of OIC cards
  4. Conversion of visa status, assist in visa renewals, registration with Foreigner Regional Registration Offices/Foreigner Registration Office (FRRO/FRO) etc.
  5. Keeping the client thoroughly informed of any update in the immigration regulations
  6. Provide all knowledge of the alternative visa options available to the client
  7. Resolving issues that crop up pertaining to a temporary visa, work permits
  8. Issues related to Visa Refusal, and filing of appeals against visa refusal
  9. Issues related to family or employee based naturalization and immigration sponsorship
  10. Permanent residency permits, visa applications for tourist, dependants, exchange visitors etc.

As per the Nigerian Constitution, any person who was born in the Nigeria, whose parents were also born within Nigeria and who has been an ordinary Nigeria resident for minimum 10 years immediately preceding any such commencement is considered as a Nigerian Citizen. In Nigeria, the Immigration Law observes the National Policies that are related with controlling of Immigration phenomenon to the country. 

Immigration Lawyer profiles at Nlegal undergo stringent scrutinization and selection procedure to make available the highly experienced, reliable and diligent Immigration Lawyers. Immigration Lawyers empanelled with Nlegal are endowed with strong court craft skills, legal acumen, and ability to understand and address problems and provide cost effective solutions for them in a timely manner. 

With our huge segment of articles and information under Immigration Law segment on Nlegal, we endeavour to keep our members/readers up-to-date with the latest information and key changes /amendments under Immigration Law. Our services cater to all aspects of law under Immigration Law segment and are available in all cities in Nigeria.

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