Kedu ? Yaya de? Boni ?
In the receipt of your letter on the affair of our dear country, you stated that you want to know how far we have gone.

Things have not been going the way we planned, Nigeria is still the same country.
There are little changes in the affairs of our great nation, whispering bird can no longer stand on the spread wire and yet the seeming importance of a cow’s life is in high regards and reverence above human life.

We will be having our elections this February. I am quite sure the redundant coinage Febuhari still serves fresh in our memories, the Masonic messiah we expected much from left us comatose.

Chief Ebuka is now in APC, his sins have been forgiven after embezzling much of our commonwealth , Saraki seems more Atikulate than ever, who ever said people don’t change was absolutely wrong about bipolar politician, change is the only thing the are capable of.

Uncle, Ambode couldn’t secure his second term ticket, they said he wronged Baba Eko himself with his bustling ego and Baba eko reacted in his ever hostile manner and there goes Ambo lekansi mantra swimming with the lagoon fishes,
Sanwo is the rave, Baba Eko’s new craze and conduit.

You care to call it imposition or godfatherism but still lagosians are more educated than we lot from ilu oke still.

They did remove the brilliant Minister of Finance, she wasn’t brilliant enough to doctor her service years.
She stepped down after much protest and backlash, she was never arraigned though, all sins forgiven, the APC way. Uncle, CJN has been suspended and NBA President is in battle field with EFCC, they said president is not following due process.

Uncle, Chinwe has not graduated jare. ASUU is at it again and egbon Wale is still out searching a for job as he left one out there and it got missing
Mummy is more worried about him getting married, he is gonna be forty this year.

Uncle, I heard you want to send popsy a car, please don’t send a BENZ oooo “because panta ni logo Benz”, they might just tag this old man a yahoo boy because pata ni logo Benz

Uncle you seem indecisive about coming home, crime rate has reduced or allegedly reduce, the billionaire kidnapper got caught and Boko haram have been tactically

I am Hero

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