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Retain a Lawyer is a special Service, available for corporates, businesses and organizations. We refer very credible law firms who provide excellent legal support by having a legal council available to tackle legal issue, with the efficiency of an in-house legal team.Having a lawyer on a retainer will not only take away the pressures and stress during adverse situations, but will also help your business on legal issue like business negotiations, strategies and transactions, financial interests, etc during good times. With good legal advice you will be better equipped to comply with and navigate through the complex mazes of governmental rules and regulations in your business. Retaining a Lawyer recommended by Nlegal not only gets you a qualified and expert lawyer suited to your needs, but also gives you access to our wide network of lawyers throughout the world.

Commercial work is subject to a number of issues such as compliance with local and national laws / enters into contracts / responding to notices & other legal documents to name just a few. While you do not need a lawyer for everything you do in your everyday work, sometimes one small mistake like an incorrect response to legal issues or queries or ignored emails or notices from customers could cause problems that could carry over the next few years. Having a lawyer can prevent potential law suits against your business.

  1. Review of any and all legal documents for you
  2. Advice on Accidents in working premises
  3. Advice on consumer court issue
  4. Advice in case of income tax raids etc
  5. Response to legal notices related to business
  6. Examining contracts that have been prepared by other for your execution.
  7. Preparing your contracts at lower fees.
  8. Documentation of other kinds at lower fees
  9. Handling matters for you at more favorable fees and on a priority.
  10. Examining documents in sale / purchase of property
  11. Advice in Insurance claims to avoid delay and denial.
  12. Any other matters, general in nature

This service is therefore devised to provide you with

  • Telephonic support. email & personal support
  • Handling any other related issue for the future.

To understand your working better we need to know more about your working. Please go further to complete the online form in order to get to know your business better. According to your needs and requirements we will recommend the right law firm or lawyer who will get in touch with you

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