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Taxation Law & Taxation Lawyers.

Taxation Law in Nigeria covers all the policies, rules regulations governing the taxation process in the country. These include taxes  such as income tax,  sales tax,  tax on foreign company, withholding tax, tax residency certificate, excise registration tax, service tax registration, employee tax, tax on foreign company, corporate tax, import duty, transfer pricing etc. Most of these taxes are levied by the government at the Centre and the States; however a few taxes such as sales tax are levied by the local authorities such as the local governments also. Taxes are also imposed on imports from foreign countries on goods. 

Taxation Lawyers provide the following services:

  1. Consultancy services encompass guidance, clarification, solutions & opinions
  2. Filing and appearing before various judicial & quasi-judicial forums like Income Tax Appellant Tribunal, High Courts and Supreme Court
  3. Provision of Taxation advisory for cross border transactions
  4. Conducting Taxation related Due-Diligence, ensuring compliances and accounting
  5. Transfer Pricing
  6. Provide taxation advisory to Non Resident Nigerians.
  7. Advisory services ranging from excise duty, custom, Value Added Tax (VAT)/Sales tax
  8. Service tax and matters pertaining to Foreign Trade
  9. Appearing before judicial & quasi-judicial forums like appellate bodies, Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Tribunals, High Courts and the Supreme Court
  10. Advisory services on queries pertaining to indirect taxes and daily reporting, accounting and ensuring compliances for indirect tax

Taxation Lawyers offer advisory services on Direct Tax such as Income Tax and Indirect Tax excise such as customs, service tax, value added tax / central sales tax etc.             

Taxation Lawyer profiles at Nlegal undergo stringent scrutinization and selection procedure to make available the highly experienced, reliable and diligent Taxation Lawyers. Taxation Lawyers empanelled with Nlegal are endowed with strong court craft skills, legal acumen, and ability to understand and address problems and provide cost effective solutions for them in a timely manner. 

With our huge segment of articles and information under Taxation Law segment provided on Nlegal, we endeavour to keep our members/readers up-to-date with the latest information and key changes /amendments under Taxation Law. Our services cater to all aspects of law under Taxation Law segment and are available in all cities in Nigeria.

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