A penchant for knowledge, conscious drive for skill-acquisition and a level playing field for
citizenry forms the crux of a thriving Nation. At a time when unemployment is at an all-time
high, engagement of Youths in skill acquisition programs tailored towards becoming self-
sufficient avails a viable option. In consideration of the structural values of N-Power, it is
reckoned a scheme which provides a levelled playing field for Citizens especially those starved
of the dividends of democracy.
There are about 8 Sections a Prospect can apply for, ranges from N-Power Teach, N-Power
Agro, N-Power Health, N-Power Community Education, N-Power Creative, N-Power Tech
(Software), N-Power Tech (Hardware) and N-Power Build Program. The salary scale spans
from a minimum earnable amount of ₦10,000 to a maximum of ₦40,000 only. The disparity
in the salary scale appears hazy, the qualification of applicants may suffice an acceptable
justification. One must commend the Federal Government for bringing to being such scheme
at a time the polity screams for a sigh of relief. An idle hand they say is the devil’s workshop,
isn’t it scary within a twinkle of an eye, over 4 million prospects applied for an available slots
of 400,000.
The Scheme, with it glossy and commendable outlook is riddled with defects and demerits.
With recourse to populace schemes where even distribution of the dividends of democracy is
involved, more often than not, it is marred by the ludicrous phrase “Man know Man”. In
reference to the recent N-Power opening, over 4 million applications were received for an
available slots of 400,000.

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