A nation where the less active are misappropriating funds on a daily basis and the active ones are suffering because of in ability of the government to align itself to a 21st century country.
That’s the situation of a 17th Century Country that remains pessimistic to align itself with a Global World Technology Development.
In 21st Century, Nigeria is still failing to cater for the affairs of its staff (public Servants), those under Government Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS) or I should call it pure wickedness.
The government has been holding on to the salaries of the said staff for four (4) months without any iota of care.

Early this year, the Federal Government gave instructions that all staff under GIFMIS should be captured under Integrated Payroll and personnel Information System (IPPIS), this led them to stop payments for the affected staff.
The Management in charge of IPPIS has refused to go across all the Federal Institutions to capture the staff affected and yet the government is not providing any alternative solution in this state of pandemic.
The question begging for an answer is this, ‘’ Will the said staff continue to suffer while active in their weekly activities till when God says?

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This is a thought penned down by one of nlegal legal minds who preferred to be anonymous. This is a topical issue and kindly drop your comments below.

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